Saturday, May 1, 2010

Expendables 2 Movie - The Expendables Sequel

Expendables 2 - Expendables Movie SequelThe first Expendables movie hasn't been released yet, but it's been garnering some well-deserved positive buzz from early test footage and trailers. So it goes without saying that they're considering a movie franchise. Producer Avi Lerner was already hinting at a movie sequel to the Expendables back in 2009:

"Definitely. We already have got some ideas about Expendables No. 2, No. 3. Definitely, it’s a franchise movie."
Producer Avi Lerner

More recently (in April 2010) Sylvester Stallone confirmed to Empire Magazine that we may well get ready for The Expendables 2:

We are very serious... we're already working on an Expendables sequel.
Sylvester Stallone

Haven't seen the film yet so I don't want to speculate about the plot of The Expendables 2. But I guess that in the sequel we'll follow the next adventures of the surviving members of the Expendables team: the core members (Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Jet Li) will probably show up again.

Unless they fasttrack the development of The Expendables 2, the sequel will most likely be released in 2012.

Update - A few plot details of the Expendables:

"The sequel to The Expendables is plotted out in my mind’s eye. I believe this group has to continue to evolve; it just can’t become the same people. So how do you get new people introduced into the group, and how do you have some of the other people leaving? Those are the challenges."
Sylvester Stallone

Who could join the Expendables according to you?